1968 Cougar

1968 Mercury Cougar

Mercury got serious with performance with the introduction of the GT-E. It initially came with the mild 390 bhp E version of the 427 cid V8 with SelectShift Merc-O-Matic, the performance handling package, styled steel wheels, power disc brakes, a power dome, and non-functional hood scoop.

The 427 equiped Cougar was nose heavy and thus suffered in acceleration runs. But later in the 1968 model year, the 427 was replaced with the new corporate 428 engine. To keep insurance agents happy, the 428 was rated at 335 bhp, although most experts believed it was closer to the same 390 bhp as the 427-E. The longer stroke 428 engine had an easier time with emission requirements and would carry the Mercury performance banner.

Also new for 1968 was a new model option, the XR-7G. The "G" stood for American racing hero, Dan Gurney, who raced for Mercury at the time. This was a one year model as Gurney left for Plymouth in 1969.

The "G" package was available on any Cougar and included a fiber glass hood scoop, road lamps, a racing mirror, hood pins, and the new optional sun roof.

Four exhaust tips exited through the rear valance panel and new spoke pattern styled wheels held radial FR70-14 tires.

A special emblem graced the instrument panel, roof pillar, deck lid, and grille. The "G" cougars were not widely promoted and few were made and even fewer exist today.

2D Hardtop: 81,014
XR-7 2D Hardtop: 32,712

289 V8 195 bhp.
289 V8 200 bhp.
289 V8 225 bhp.
302 V8 210 bhp.
302 V8 230 bhp.
390 V8 280 bhp.
390 V8 320 bhp.
390 V8 335 bhp @ 4800 rpm, 427 lb-ft @ 3200 rpm.
427 V8 390 bhp.
428 V8 335 bhp.

427/390: 0-60 in 7.1 seconds, 1/4 mile in 15.12 seconds @ 93.6 mph.