Saturday, December 11, 2010

1969 Mercury Cougar Specifications

The 1969 Mercury Cougar saw many minor changes in the 1969 model year which added to the weight, handling, and power of this premier Mercury sports styled luxury muscle car. The wheelbase remained the same but the width, weight, and length of the sheetmetal was increased substantially. As such, the Cougar lost some of pounce. However, Mercury introduced the Eliminator and convertible models.

Models: Hardtop / convertible

GT: Firmer suspension and better brakes, Wide Oval tires, low restriction exhaust, bigger sway bars, necessary identification badging, and a big block 390cid motor.

XR-7: Wood-rimmed steering wheel, necessary exterior badging, black face competition type instrumentation in a simulated walnut dash, toggle switches, overhead console, leather T handle automatic transmission shifter, and leather seats.

Eliminator: Trans Am racing inspired styling, upgraded V8 options including the 428 cid. Goodyear Polyglass tires on styled rims, rear deck spoiler, special side stripes. Optional ram air and Drag Pak (4.30 Detriot Locker and oil cooler), optional high impact colours.

Production Numbers:

2D Hardtop: 66,331

Convertible: 5,796

XR-7 2D Hardtop: 23,918

XR-7 2D Convertible: 4,024

Powertrain options:

Cid HP Torque Model

302 290 4V
351 250 2V
351 290 4V
390 320 GT standard
428 335 440


1/4 mile, sec @ mph: 14.1 @ 103 (Eliminator 428) Share

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