Friday, June 20, 2008

Original Build Sheet Found !!!!

I am so excited. I just found the original passenger build sheet for my 1969 Ivy Green Cougar. Still in pretty good condition and legible.

I removed the back seat of the car to vacuum and detail around the rear seats. I noticed some surface rust due to moisture and started to peel the carpet back and on top of the insulation I noticed a corner of brown paper and realised that it might be the build sheet. I carefully lifted the carpet has high as I could with out removing the seat and I was able to pull it out.

I then went looking for the drivers build sheet. I was not so lucky. The drivers build sheet was against the floor pan of the car with insulation over it. When I tried to lift it but it disintegrated in my hand . I assume the fact that if had been against the metal for so long dried up the paper.

I also found coins dating back to the date of the car . I especially like the 1969 penny and the 1970 quarter. Just had to share with you car guys.

Donald Robichaud /Kelowna BC

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